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Cake Pinata


cake pinata party decoration. This cake pinata is perfect for your wedding, bridal shower, birthday party, anniversary, celebration, company anniversary or wedding gift. Buy this beautiful cake pinata and break open the fun with your guests at your wedding or party. This cake pinata comes in several sizes and you can order custom colors just let us know. Our cake pinata is perfect for party planner decorations on every event or celebration, we can custom a cake pinata for you just email us: or stop by our store at: The Cascaron Store 927 Austin Highway, San Antonio, Tx 78209

This cake pinata comes in 10 inches and 12 inches also perfect to decorate your event tables as table centerpieces. Decorate your wedding with your custom cake pinata we can mimic your real cake as a pinata and display your wedding cake threw out your wedding as a mini cake pinata table centerpiece. 

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