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  • wedding bride & groom pinata
  • wedding bride & groom pinata
  • wedding bride & groom pinata

wedding bride & groom pinata


wedding pinata of your bride or groom are fun for your wedding. Buy one of the bride or groom just send us their picture and we will make the bride a pinata or the groom a pinata. They are fun also for your bachelorette party to make the groom a funny pinata or for the bachelor party pinata. San Antonio funny wedding pinata are great to have fun and enjoy with your wedding guests. Let the pinata give some laughs to your guests and break open the fun with this custom wedding pinatas. 

Email us your wedding pinatas to: or text us your picture (210) 279-1889

We will Make your wedding pinata to look like your bride or groom picture. Buy your wedding pinata today! Buy it here at The Cascaron Store located at 927 Austin Highway, San Antonio, Tx 78209

Wedding Pinata Choices:

  • Custom bride or groom or both
  • size Mini, 5 in, 10 in, 12in, 18in, 24in, 3ft, 4ft, or live size wedding bride & groom pinata
  • Personalize will you like their names on the pinatas or message
  • colors we can custom the color of your wedding bride's dress or mimic the actual dress
  • position or design to make your guests laugh! We can make a funny position of the bride and groom to make your guests laugh. 

Note: for all of this customizations above aditional fee's will apply. 

Order Your wedding pinata today! 

(210) 279-1889



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